This SEO Failure Almost Killed My Company

Did you know that every SEO expert has failed (at least once)?

Strange question of the day, but it’s important.

99.9% of all digital marketing content online is about the successes that people have achieved.

This is great because success does leave footprints.

But I’ve learned just as much from my failures as I have my successes.

That’s why today I’m going to share the biggest SEO failure in my career.

It was so bad that I thought it was going to put me out of business.

Watch the video to find out what this failure was, so you can avoid it yourself.


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  1. Jaya Vishwakarma says:

    Need your help
    I’m a WordPress guy I want to add schema on every blog post of my blog, Should I go with the plugin or else any better method by you because I don’t have much budget to buy a plugin. By the way, I’m using NewsPaper theme for my blog

  2. amol tolbande says:

    HEy Nathon, Can you recommend the Few business Books to read for building SEO agency

  3. 24sumo says:

    is every single video just the absolute basics of seo followed by, buy my course?

  4. VS Programmers says:

    Now I’ll also leave black hat link building only white hat.

  5. Anthony Eneje says:

    Outreach – Is that just reaching out to blog sites in your niche and ask them for a backline – basically i provide a Good Content and they give me a backline. I’m not 100% sure. “I’m trying to run before i can walk”. I think it’s getting to the point where i should learn from one person. All this info is giving me a headache… Do you do payment plans for your course or is that out of the question?

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