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How to make your website popular on the Internet? You can make it possible with off page of offsite SEO! Watch this video to learn about what is offsite SEO and how to do off page SEO to rank your website in Google and other search Engines. In this video, Imran Shafi SEO coach will teach you about all the basic to advance factor about off pages SEO including link building with authenticated methods of link building.

So, if we talk about off page or offsite SEO, it is the combination of activities and methodologies, which are used to create the authority of your web property on the World Wide Web. Offsite or off page SEO is the combination of all link building activities, promotion, competitor analysis and much more.

There are several methods are used to do link building. Some of the popular and authenticated links building methods are given below:

• Social Media profiles
• Bookmarking
• Blog posting
• Blog commenting
• Article posting
• Classified Ads
• Web 2.0
• Link exchange
• Guest posting
• Question & Answers
• Forums Posting
• Visual Marketing
• Influencer Marketing
• Link Baiting
• Press Release
• Personal Branding

Above mentioned link building methods are also called off page or offsite SEO techniques. So, if you want to promote your website on the internet, then you should get sound grip on these offsite SEO techniques.

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