Link Reclamation SEO Tutorial – How to Claim Brand Mentions as Links

This video is part of the SEO Link Building Training Course

In this video I will show you how to find mentions of your brand across the web in order to build links to your website.

In every instance your brand is mentioned across the web, there is a chance that the person who mentioned your brand would be open to turning that brand mention into a link.

In this video I break down specifically how to firstly, find mentions of your brand across the web using Google search operators.

Secondly I identify websites that mention your brand without linking to you.

And finally, you’ll learn specifically how to reach out to the webmaster over email in order to generate a link to your website.

You can download the email template for link reclamation over on my website


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  1. Chewing गम Studio says:

    Hi Darren, just happened to bump into your channel and got hooked up with this SEO tutorial. Well explained. Way to go… 👌

  2. The Big Marketer says:

    This video is part of the SEO Link Building Training Course

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