How To Rank Your Website On The First Page! (Affiliate SEO For Beginners)

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In this SEO for beginners tutorial you will learn how to rank your website on the front page of Google and make money online.

I use google organic traffic to make money online with my affiliate marketing websites. Organic traffic is the best traffic because it converts very well.

Once you have your affiliate marketing website setup you want to start uploading articles. Then you want to optimize the page so you can rank on the first page.

Step 1: Make sure you website is fast! This is very important in 2019, you need your website to be fast and have a great user experience.

Step 2: Make sure you write lots of relevant content! Google is loving this right now.

Step 3: You don’t have to do this but build backlinks. Eventually you will get organic backlinks but building your own will help you rank faster.

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  1. Franklin Hatchett says:

    Any question? Let me know below and I’ll reply when I can!

    • David McMahon says:

      Can I ask what you think the average conversion rate for pre-sold visits to Clickbank sales pages should be? I am marketing Clickbank products with gravities ranging from 20-200, and can drive plenty of traffic from my thank you pages and email autoresponders but the sales rates are really low. Lots of order form impressions but people don’t go through with the purchase. I am just wondering what would be an average number of sales conversions for 100 unique visitors to a click bank sales page (for people that have been pre-sold). If you search online people seem to completely dodge giving a number for this.

  2. kulio ku says:

    how much content is “good” enough? 30-40 pages?

  3. kulio ku says:

    if we want to do guest posting using fiverr, what do u search for at fiverr to post on quora, and do guest blogging? any fiverr member to recommend?

  4. kulio ku says:

    how do we FIND “low competition” keywords to rank?

  5. joh nixon says:

    🐱‍👤🐱‍👓 Franklin does it again – another great video with great information and no timewasting rubbish about his new million-dollar car.

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