How To Keep SEO Rankings After A Website Redesign [3 STEPS]

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In this video I cover the steps you can take after you launch a new website to keep your SEO efforts. The key is to keep consistancy and avoid any broken URL’s or 404 pages.

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  1. Auttawut Oat says:

    Big fan of you

  2. Victor Cabrera says:

    Thank you for sharing all this Ruan !!!

  3. Mohammed Farhan says:

    The new website is super super fast. Congratulations.

  4. Stronglikebull L says:


    Is this applicable when trying to only change the domain name of my site?
    There is no redesign per se…all i’d like to do is change my domain name

    • Stronglikebull L says:

      Ruan M. Marinho
      Really appreciate the reply ruan!!

      Unfortunately, its for a client’s wordpress site who is very adamant about rebranding…resulting a completely different company / domain name…
      Been struggling to figure out the best way to do it…nonetheless thanks again

    • Ruan M. Marinho says:

      Don’t change the domain, you will lose all of your SEO rankings. This is applicable if you have a domain with SEO keywords ranking and don’t want to lose them

  5. Iheme Edmond says:

    Long live develomark..Raun my best SEO teacher

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